• Welcome to e-Learning!  (Tuesday, March 31, 2020)

    For e-Learning days, all directions for assignments will be posted on this page.

    Some but NOT ALL assignments will need to be completed in Google Classroom. 

    Make sure you're working on ALL E-Learning assignments. Thank you!


    I can...

    • read with expression to show that I understand what I am reading.
    • use what I read to answer questions.
    • refer to a text to support my answer. 

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to Google Classroom.

    2. Do the Readworks assignment titled "What's It Like in Space?" and answer the questions.

    3. Click on the link and finish watching the read aloud from space! Take Me to Your Leader Part 3 (If you missed parts 1 and 2, the links were posted on 3/25 and 3/26.)  

    Work to be turned in: Readworks: What's It Like in Space? (20 mins)


    I can...

    • write persuasive compositions in a variety of forms.
    • state my opinion in a introductory statement or section.
    • organize my writing with an introduction, middle, and conclusion.
    • support the opinion with relevant reasons.
    • write a conclusion.

    Steps of the Lesson 

    1. Go to Google Classroom

    2. Complete the writing assignment titled "Writing Prompt: Learn Something New." You will type your paragraph directly below the prompt on the Google Doc. 

    Work to be turned in:  Writing Prompt: Learn Something New (30 mins)


    I can...

    • use grouping to multiply. 

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to Google Classroom

    2. Complete p. 14 from the "At Home Activity Packet." You will need to write your answers on a seperate sheet of paper.

    *Please label the page number on your answer sheet and keep it in your green e-Learning folder.

    **You will turn it in when school resumes. DO NOT TURN IN ONLINE! We will be working on this packet throughout break. 

    Work to be turned in: p. 14 from the "At Home Activity Packet." (30 mins)


    I can...

    • identify how scientists answer questions.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Read Lesson 3 "How do scientists answer questions?" in your Interactive Science textbook. (p. 16-21)

    2. Answer questions 1-12. You may write directly in your textbook. (Do not do the "Explore It" questions at the beginning of the lesson) 

    Work to be turned in: Lesson 3: How Do Scientists Answer Questions? 1-12 (30 mins)



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