Learn a New Language

Reasons to Learn Another Language

  • Reasons to Learn Another Language:

    1.  You can speak to more people
    2. It grows your brain
    3. It boosts test scores in core subjects
    4. It boosts abilities in your native language
    5. Once you have learned another language, it’s easier to learn others
    6. It boosts empathy and cross-cultural understanding
    7. It helps prevent age-related cognitive decline
    8. Makes travel more fun
    9. Can connect people to their heritage
    10. Can increase “out of the box” thinking
    11. Boosts career opportunities
    12. Boosts salaries
    13. It’s FUN!
    14. May help in preparing for high school

    Two FREE resources for Language Learning:

    1.  https://www.duolingo.com

    2.  https://www.memrise.com/