Extended E-learning Day 8 - 3/25/20

  • Today’s date is Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  Below you will find your assignments for the day! 



    I CAN.. find words in poems that use our five senses.


    1. Watch this lesson.
    2. Look at the example from the video lesson below:


    I can see the sparkly snow

    I smell the pine needles of trees

    I can hear the quiet of snow

    I can feel a cold breeze

    I taste sweet hot cocoa. 

    1. Brainstorm some things that you would see, hear, taste, touch or smell in the spring. 
    2. On a piece of paper write the following below: 


    I see _____________

    I hear_____________

    I touch____________

    I taste ____________

    I smell____________ 

    1. Use some of the ideas that you brainstormed about spring to fill in the blanks. 
    2. Read your poem out loud to someone at home when you have finished. 


    Work to be turned in: 5 line poem  



    I CAN….. write sentences about a topic and use correct punctuation and capitalization.

    Steps of the Lesson: (30 minutes)

    1. What would you do if you had a dinosaur as a pet? 
    2. Please write at least five sentences describing what would happen.

    Work to be turned in: Paper with five sentences.



    I CAN…...... find 10 more and 10 less.

    Steps of the Lesson: (30minutes)
    1. Watch the Understand 10 More 10 Less Day 2 Video (i-Ready Math Lesson 19)

    1. Complete pages 125-127 in your iReady Math INSTRUCTION BOOK. NOT the Practice and Problem Solving Book.
    2. Answer these questions: How is finding 10 more and 10 less on the 120 chart like adding and subtracting 10 cubes?  What happens when you move your finger to the left or the right of a number on the number chart? How is that different from moving down a row on the number chart?

    Work to be turned in: INSTRUCTION BOOK PAGES 125-127 and answers to the questions 


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