Extended E-learning Day 7 - 3/24/20

  • Today’s date is Tuesday, March 24,2020.  Below you will find your assignments for the day! 



    I CAN…….use context clues to fill in the missing word. 

    I CAN……. Decode words with digraphs and long vowel sounds


    Steps of the Lesson: (30 minutes)

    1.  Copy the following sentences below on a piece of paper. 
    2.  Use the word list to fill in the sentences with correct word.













    1. We came _______ the house to get warm.
    2. She packed her clothes in her ______.
    3. The bat hit the _________.
    4. They went _______to play on the swings.
    5. The __________flew to the tree.
    6. They used a ___________flashlight to see in the dark.
    7. She put an apple in her __________.
    8. She made dinner all by ___________.
    9. The kids had to __________ ideas together.
    10. She put her homework in her ____________.

    Work to be turned in: Copied sentences with correct missing words.


    1.Think about how Dr. Seuss is best known for coming up with zany looking characters in his books that tend to have features of animals. Imagine a new animal that nobody has ever seen before. 

    1. Explain how it looks, what it eats and what it does.
    2. Please make sure that you include at least five sentences about your animal.

    Work to be turned in: Piece of paper with five sentences.  



    I CAN ….. find 10 more and 10 less.


    Steps of the Lesson: (30 minutes)

    1. Review the Understand 10 More 10 Less Day 1 video... if needed.
    2. Complete pages 171-172 in the PRACTICE AND PROBLEM SOLVING  book. NOT the INSTRUCTION BOOK. 

    Work to be turned in: Practice and Problem solving pages 171-172.


    Exit Ticket


    Today's Special is