E-Learning 3/27/2020

  • Hello class.

    As we often do on Friday, we are to complete any work that you have not completed during the week. I know some of you were having problems turning in work and we are getting those issues worked out. Thank you for your contined efforts to complete your work. Today finishing the second week of E-Learning I am pleased that a few more students have gotten on board with completing school work in this new way. 


    As we were starting our last marking period I told you that we will be doing more writing. Next week you can expect some writing assignments with topics of what is going on now with the coronavirus pandemic.

    Some time next we we will do a class meet. I'll let you know when as soon as I set it up. 

    There will be no video today. Please consentrate on completing and turning in work. I will be available through email all day today. Don't hesitate to email me your concerns. I'm here to help in any way I can.

    Have a great week-end.