ELearning 11/12/19

Extended ELearning Day 3/30/20


    Morning Message https://youtu.be/6LrpUTyMX78

    Don't forget our Google Meet @ 1pm today!

    Media Literacy- CNN 10 Student News

    I can....integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, verbally) to demonstrate a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.  

    Lesson Description

    1. Watch the link for CNN 10 on Google Classroom and take notes as we do in class each day.

     Reading- Fiction

    Novel Study- The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 

    I can.....describe two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or play, drawing on specific details in the text, and how they impact the plot. 

    Lesson Description


    1.. Read chapter 9-The Watsons Go to Birmingham- 1963  pgs. 121- 137.

    2. Go to Google Classroom and open Watsons Ch. 9 document and answer Chapter 9 questions. 

    3. Record any examples of racial prejudice or intolerance on the Intolerance Log (sent home in ELearning Folder)

    4. Work to be submitted in Google Classroom: Watsons Ch. 9 document ( 45 minutes)

     5.View Read Aloud video and answer Google Form Reading Response for Bud, Not Buddy.


    Reading- Non-fiction

    I can.....determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.

    Lesson Description

    1. Log into Google Classroom and click on the Readworks assignment- The Struggle for Equality

    2. Read the article and answer the comprehension questions.

    3. Work to be turned in for a grade: The Struggle for Equality (30 minutes)





    5th Grade Math Group

    I can......formulate questions that can be addressed with data and make predictions about the data.

     Lesson Description

    1. Open your 5th grade math book to page 236 and then go to Google Classroom and watch the video-Making a Line Plot to check over answers to some of Wednesday's assignment. https://youtu.be/ZsSa6gq11wc

    2. Complete pages 242- 245.

    3. Work to be turned in: Ready Math book pages 242-245 (30 minutes).


    6th Grade Math Group

    I can....find the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths.

    Lesson Description

    1. Open your 6th grade math book to page 296 and then go to Google Classroom to play the instruction video titled, Interim Assessment  to check over answers from Wednesday's assignment. https://youtu.be/tlFZrCx4q-8

    2. Complete pgs. 300- 303- Lesson 26 Understand Statistical Questions.

    3. Work to be turned in: Ready Math book pgs. 300-303 (30 minutes).



    7th Grade Math Group

    I can.........identify, define, and describe attributes of three dimensional objects.

    Lesson Description

    1. Open your 7th grade math book to page 288 and then go to Google Classroom to play the instruction video titled, Interim Assessment to get some help setting up some of the problems. https://youtu.be/B50WuoIVqNA

    2. Complete pgs. 288- 28- Interim Assessment

    3. Work to be turned in: Ready Math book pgs. 288-289  (30 minutes).


    Social Studies- The Civil Rights Movement- Biography Project

    I can....understand the role of people in history shaping a movement, such as the Civil Rights Movement.

    Lesson Description

    1. Go to Google Classroom and open the assignment, Social Studies-Civil Rights Hero Biography

    2. Use the link to choose a Civil Rights Hero to research. There is information directly on this website, and you may also use other resources to research your chosen hero.

    3. The template gives you a guide as to what information you need to learn about your chosen Civil Rights hero, and what information needs to be included on your Google Slides Biography presentation.

    4. Work to be turned in: Civil Rights Hero Biogaphy Google Slides presentation (Friday, April 3rd)30 minutes each day