HUGE SHOUT OUT GOES TO: Ayden, Payton, Luke, Kaden, Alexander, Dalease, Mariah, and Ireland for being current on this week's work so far!


    Third Grade,
    I need you to read this VERY CAREFULLY
    1. You need to work your way from top to bottom of EVERY assignment day. 
    2. When it is time for a LIVE MEET you need to click HERE, and choose the MEET that goes with what day it is at the time listed.  If you choose to get on 20 minutes later, it will be TOO LATE. Meets are optional, you do not have to, but it may help with questions and I miss your faces!
    3. IF you so choose to not do your work, I will lock you out of your computer.  If you have time to be on YouTube, Fortnite, and ROBLOX, you have time to complete your work.
     Love, Mrs. Sickles


         Attendance - Please Complete

    • You have both Gym and Music today, please don't forget to visit those pages to complete those assignments as well. 


      If you see Mrs. Schwark for reading or math make sure that you visit her page as well! 



      ***Please make sure that you read your assignment carefully.  

      Learning Target:

      I can identify the main idea and supporting details. 


      Follow each link in order to complete your reading instruction.

      1. Watch the VIDEO before you move on the quiz.

      2. Take the QUIZ over natural disasters.

      3. Visit Google Classroom to find your writing prompt for today:

      Emergency Drills. Think of one emergency drill that Edgewood practices. Write a paper describing exactly how to do it as if you were explaining it to a brand-new student.



      Completed Google Form for Video Quiz

      Completed Writing Assignment

      READING TOTAL (50 minutes)




      ***Please make sure that you read your assignment carefully 

      Learning Targets:

      I can determine the perimeter of an object by adding each of the outside measurements of a shape.


      I can multiply 2 factors together fluently to equal the correct product.


      Follow the link to find today's math assignment
      1.  Math Assignment

          2. Quizziz  Todays quiz is a 30 problem multiplication speed round.  Do your                  best and I will announce the winner for both speed and accuracy on Friday's              morning message. Game Code 946318 

          2.  Fun Math Games That Practice Area & Perimeter 

          3.  Brain Pop Multiplication Facts - just in case you need to review directions

          4. Link Multiplication Game -beat your score from yesterday! 

    Just in case it asks for a User Name:  EDGEWOODEAGLES

                                                  Password: EAGLES2020




          Completed Google Form Assignment

    \     Math Speed Drill - Completed Quizziz   

         MATH TOTAL (50 minutes)