6th Grade E-Learning March 26


    I will be having a Google Meet with any of my 6th graders that need help with work or have any questions every day at 1:00. I will post a link to click on in my Google Classroom. See you at 1:00!!! 






    I can...read and comprehend a story.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Go to Read Works and read the article that is assigned. It is in my Google Classroom.

    2. When you are finished, submit it to me for a grade.


    Work to be turned in: Read Works submitted.



    I can...understand the difference between fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Complete the worksheet by typing your answers into a google doc and submitting it to me.


    Work to be turned in:  (20 minutes)



    I can..use models to write and solve equations.

    I can...use substitution to determine whether a given number in a specified set makes and equation true.


    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Today is Lesson 18 Quiz. Do the quiz on the Form that is in my Google Classroom.


    Work to be turned in:  Turn in your Math Quiz Form . (20 minutes)