E-Learning 3/25/2020

  • Welcome to another day of E-Learning. I hope you and your families are coping well with this shutdown. I also hope you are all safe and healthy today. 

    Thank you to everyone who has turned in work from yesterday. If you have not, please do so today. 



    Today you are to work on lesson 63. This will be due on Thursday (3/26).

    Take some time to look over and study the example at the top of page 325 which demonstrates how to complete A-F. Use your calculator to compute these problems, if you are having trouble subtracting fractions. Also in this lesson are some problems having to do with algebra. If you don't remember the orders of operation google it. You also might use google if you don't remember some of the terms that are used in this lesson such as; sum, factor, radius, diameter, and circumference. Remember that some of the problems don't give enough information to complete with out the textbook. You are not responsible for doing them. 

    As always please email me with concerns or difficulty you are having and I will help you out. 



     Complete Activity 6. Read the instructions on the labels. Answer the 8 questions at the bottom of the page. Please take you time and read the ladels thoroughly. To keep it simple you can just write the letter or letters for each question. 

    Before submitting this assignment make sure you write Activity 6 at the top.



    Read pages 65-68 of Chapter 3, The Earth and Moon System. Study the vocabulary words. If it helps to learn them you can write them out or type them. Look over the diagram on page 66 of the moon phases in relation to the earth. On page 68 look over the pictures and diagram of low tide and high tide. Google images of low tide and high tide of different areas in the world. Let me know what areas of the world you looked at.



    Yesterday you should have answered three questions about the people of Asia. Today you are to complete section 3 review. I also want you to read the Mother Teresa Biography at the top of page 411. Google Nobel Peace Prize and tell me in writing what it is.


    Please do the best you can with all of your work. Email me with your concerns and let me know how you are doing. Stay safe.