• Class Expectations

    Classroom Expectations:

    1.        Listen to and follow directions.

    2.       Be responsible -take care of your belongings and supplies.

    3.       Be kind and considerate.

    4.       Follow Joy School rules.

    5.       Take turns and raise your hand.


    READ to and with your child daily!!! 
      Things to discuss:

    1.        Characters in the story.

    2.       Where the story takes place.

    3.       What will happen next.

    4.       How will the story end.

    5.       Look for kindergarten high frequency words.

    6.       Use picture clues to decode new words.

    7.  After reading, have your child retell important details from the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

    Practice counting 

    to 110. Count by one's, ten's and five's.

    Practice naming, writing and ordering numbers from 0 - 20.

    Talk about sets of objects, how many, compare two sets

    which set has more, which set has fewer, which sets are equal.


    Practice counting on from a number: Start with 12 and count to 25. Or start with 19 and count to 32, etc......


    Say two numbers, ask your child which number is bigger, and which is smaller?


    Kindergarten students need a book bag to get papers to and from school.

    We use many tissues during the year, it is helpful if your child brings a box or Kleenex each semester.


    REMEMBER: Kindergarten students need lots of sleep.

    Help your child establish an early bedtime routine so they are well rested and ready to learn.

    Encourage them to eat a good breakfast and dress for the weather so they are comfortable at school.

    Please check your child's book bag daily for classroom information.

    Also, take time to talk to your child about their day.

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