E-Learning Day 3/25/2020

  • Wednesday, March 25, 2020


    I Can...

    I can identify cause and effect relationships.

    I can tell objects in the solar system.


    • Turn to page 220 in your Science book.
    • Watch the videos and follow along in your book.

    Video 1       Video 2

    • Complete the Solar System google form using what you learned.

    Work to turn in:

    Solar System google Form

    Word Work/Writing


    I Can...

    I can correctly spell high frequency words.

    I can read multi-syllabic words with prefixes.


    • Watch our Word Work video of the weekly high frequency words and practice spelling the 4 new words.   

     March 25th Word Work High Frequency Words

    • Watch the lesson on prefixes.   Practice those new words and we will continue practicing prefixes this week.   Have fun!

           Prefix practice for -un and -re

    Work to turn in:

    No work to turn in today.



    I Can...

    Learn how to measure the volume of liquid in a container.


    Work to turn in:

    Math Instruction pages 226-227.

    Liquid Volume Google Form


    Today would be Library.  Visit the Google Classroom to see bonus links I have posted.