E-Learning 3/24/2020

  • Hello class and welcome to another day of E-Learning. Keep up the good work of turning in work to the best of your ability. I appreciate those of you who are asking for clarification and further explanations for assignments that you don't quite understand. 



    For math today, for those who had trouble finishing yesterday's assignment please finish and turn in. That is Lesson 62, Supplemental Practice Worksheet. Be sure to study the example at the top of page 323. After you round the numbers don't forget to compute the problem (add, subtract, multiply, divide) as the problem is showing. 



    Complete page 13 Activity 5 Reading Clothing Labels. Review the vocabulary words at the top of page 13. 



    Read Lesson 22 pages 60-61. Complete Lesson 2 Review on page 62.

    Don't forget to write or type Lesson 2 Review, page 62 at the top of your page. 



    In continuing our study of South Asia Read Pages 408-411 and answer the following questions;

    1. What other religions do the people practice?

    2. What probelms do the people face?

    3. Why is civil and religious unrest a problem?

    Please write or type each question and include it when you turn in your finished work. If you did not turn in yesterday's assignment, you may turn both yesterday's and today's assignemnts in together.


    Please email me with any concerns or problems you have in completing your work.

    I hope you all are safe and healthy during this shutdown time.