E-Learning 3/24/2020

  • Tuesday 3/24/20   


    I can find surface area.

    Steps of the Lesson

    1. Do the Ready Practice and Problem Solving book pages 303 and 30 as you watch me do them with you on the google classroom then do the the google form.

    Work to be turned in: I will check the assigned pages and the the google form.


    I can describe motion.

    Steps of the Lesson

    1. Watch the video  What is Average Speed? If this link does not work go to YouTube and type the title.

    2. Do the questions on 10-11 of the Force and Energy book. 

    Work to be turned in: None.


    Music on Wednesday and Thursday 

    P.E. on Wednesday and Thursday 

    Art on Monday 

    Miss Dydo's assignments