E-Learning Day

E-Learning via Blackboard

  • E-Learning - 3/24/2020

    English 10 EC

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Review lecture notes for Tuesday, March 24th in the Virtual  Learning content area within the class Blackboard website (click English 10EC Bb)

    2. Students are applying their viewing and comprehension skills to successfully complete their Independent Reading, Reading Response logs, the March 24th Independent Reading assignment and the exit Discussion.

    3. The assignment will be completed on Blackboard.

    4. For students to receive credit and be counted as present for this day of e-learning, the discussion must be completed by the end of the day.

    EC10 Skills/Resources

    1. View assignment in the Virtual Learning page within the class Blackboard website (EC Skills/Resources). The name of the assignment to complete is today's date

    2. Students are completing lessons and assignments in Khan Academy: the comma.

    3. For your other classes, e-mail any teachers whose help you require.

    Any questions, e-mail me! I'm happy to help