e-Learning Day

eLearning Day Agenda

  • E-Learning- Tuesday, 3/24/2020 and Thursday, 3/26/2020

    English Language Arts


    *Always check our Google Classroom page and look for assignments under the topic "Quarter 4" with the day's date. *

    First and Fourth Block ELA Lesson Details

    Lesson Goals:

    I can...read (and listen to) a variety of nonfiction within a range of complexity appropriate for grade 8. 

    I can...interact with grade level texts proficiently and independently. 

    I can...determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a nonfiction text.

    I can...analyze how a text makes connections and distinctions among individuals, events, and ideas.


    8.RN.1, 8.RN.2.2, 8.RN.3.2

    1. Go to Google Classroom.

    2. Click the “classwork” tab on the top bar.

    3. Locate the Quarter 4 topic section and find the assignment for Tuesday and Thursday.

    4. On Tuesday, you will need to check out the Week At-a-Glance slideshow I created for you.

    5. Find the instructions video and listen to the instructions I have provided.

    6. Listen to the audio of Chapter One. I have read the text to you. 

    7. Complete the Before Reading/Chapter One Google Doc. 

    8. On Thursday, you will complete the same thing for Chapters Two and Three. 

    Advanced Fifth Block

    1. On Tuesday, you will listen to Serial Podcast Episode 10.

    2. As you listen, you need to take notes to support whether Adnan is guilty or not. This will help you to form your argumentative essay further down the road. 

    3. You will then take a short form on Episode 10.

    4. On Thursday, you will listen to Serial Podcast Episode 11. 

    5. You will then complete a quickwrite (ten minutes of writing) in the Google Doc provided. 




    *Turn in the assignments after above steps are completed. 

    *If you do not hit the turn in button with your completed work, you will be counted absent for today.

    *Do NOT  forget to hit the "Turn In" button on Google Classroom


    Please EMAIL Mrs. Foltz and Mrs. Hekter for any questions on your assignments! 

    If you are in a class with Mrs. Hekter as the teacher, please check her page as well!