Transition/Rights/Survey Information for Parents and Students

  • Transition to adult life begins at age fourteen.
    Transition can occur any time in a school career if one is needed to move from one environment to another. Usually the student plan is based on post-school goals after high school and graduation. Transition will focus on how a student will graduate and his/her goals after graduation.

    Will the student obtain a diploma or a certificate?
    Students must pass the high school assessments and achieve a certain number of credits. The plan for future goals is supported by giving information about vocational Rehabilitation, work evaluations, and community resources for services in our community. The school will discuss when rights transfer for a student at age eighteen. It is important for parents and students to begin to plan for the future. We need to begin the process to create the future and make decisions that help the student achieve a successful future within the community.

    Tranfer of Rights to Student

    Indiana statute provides that “when a student attains eighteen (18) years of age, all of the rights that were formerly provided to the student’s parents [guardian] under this article shall transfer to the student.” This letter serves as a reminder that this transfer of rights will take place upon your student’s eighteenth birthday. Please read the letter here: Parent Letter for Transfer of Student Rights

    Services In Our Community
    For local transition resources click here: Transition Resources

    For more local and regional resources click here: Local and Regional Resources

    Resources from the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities:

                   BDDS District Offices    Applying for Waiver Services    BDDS Checklist    BDDS Gateway for Families    BDDS Fact Sheet    CICOA Process - Aging and Home Solutions

    Special Education Procedural Safeguards - May 2019

    Procedural Safeguards - English     Procedural Safeguards- Spanish

    IDOE Parent Survey 

    If you have a child with an IEP that attends MCAS, please take a few minutes and complete the survey using the options noted in this letter:    Parent Survey - English     Parent Survey - Spanish