Extended E-Learning Day 8- Wednesday 3/25/20

  • The technology help desk will be available to help at (219) 873-2141. (For questions about the homework or class work, please contact the classroom teacher.) Students are to follow these online directions and write all answers on a separate piece of paper to turn in. You may contact me at any time with questions or concerns by my email below or through Class dojo.




    ***Check-In question*** 

    What color is your shirt?

    *Please send answers through Dojo or email and this will be your attendance question for the day. 

    Today's Video...




    I can... ask clarifying questions about key details in a text.
    I can... answer questions about key about key details to confirm understanding of a text..
    Steps of the Lesson:
    A. Vocabulary Review: 
         soil- dirt that plants grow in
         segment- a worm body part, one of many
         bristle- a short, hard hair
         cocoon- the hard shell where worm eggs grow
    C. Re-read the following story, pages 14-17;
              Earthworms Read Aloud
    D. When finished follow the link below that says earthworm worksheets. You should be able to print it if you'd like. If you can't, please just write the page number and date with your child's name at the top of the paper. Answers should be in complete sentences. Today we are only doing the third worksheet, page 37. Write down three things you learned about worm tunnels.          Earthworm Worksheets
    Work to be turned in: Three complete sentences stating what you learned about worm tunnels. 
    (30 minutes)


    Phonics Skill and Writing

    I can... spell and read sight words with /ow/ and /ou/

    Steps of the Lesson:

    Activity 1 - words with /ow/ and /ou/.

    1. The words are: down, found, hour, now, sound. 

        Additional words are: shout, loud, noun, clown, frown.

    2.  Practice spelling and reading by writing them in crayon, marker, chalk, play-doh or any other creative way you would enjoy.


     Work to be turned in: List or picture of all ten spelling words written or created out of something.(30 minutes)




    I can... Mentally find 10 more and 10 less without having to count.


    Steps of the Lesson:

    A. This week we will be finding 10 more and 10 less. I am putting the link up for the worksheets, again, you may print them or just write the answers. Please include name, date, and page number. For today we will only be doing page 126 in our workbooks. You may use counters of any kind or pictures.

         10 More 10 Less

    B. The following link is to the regular homework pages. You should be able to print these also. Read the family letter for explanation and examples. Complete homework pages 174 and 175 for today. 

         Family Letter

              Homework pages


     Work to be turned in:Textbook page 126, and homework pages 174 and 175. 

    (30- 45 minutes)






    We have gym and music on Tuesday's and Friday's. We have art on Wednesday's.   

    ART- Wednesday's Only

    MUSIC- Tuesday & Friday

    GYM- Tuesday & Friday


    Student Resources - Only the following students; Austin, Maverick, Kaleb, and Aiden 

    Speech & Language