• Good morning everyone!


    Here begins week 2 of the COVID-19 Virtual Learning. THANK YOU to all of you that have been working hard to complete assignments and understand them on your own. Here are a few things you can expect this week (some of these are reminders).


    1. Tuesday will be Quiz/Test retake day. Send me a GOOGLE HANGOUTS MESSAGE to be added to the list for your class period. They will be open ONLY DURING YOUR CLASS PERIOD. Please plan accordingly.
    2. There will be a Quiz/Test again this Friday. Be prepared.
    3. Thursday (put in your calendar or something) will be a MANDATORY Live Meet in Google Meets to review and go over any assignments and questions before the assessment on Friday. These will be at the time of your class and will be recorded for your own review. Please mute your microphones once the lesson begins unless you’re asking a question.
    4. Grades will be updated this Tuesday and Friday right after the test.
    5. There will be an OPTIONAL Live instructional time on Tuesday. I will go over new material in a class like setting. Because it’s optional, it is open to all classes on the following schedule.
      1. Geometry (ALL) - 11am
      2. Algebra 2 - Noon.


    COVID-19-----Day 6 (Geometry)


    I deleted the old post from this morning to not avoid confusion.


    Today's assignment:

    1)Watch the video on sectors of circles and now to solve various questions about them.

    2)Complete the assignment posted in Khan Academy.


    COVID-19-------Day 6 Assignment (Algebra 2)


    Please review factoring quadratics in the Quizizz assignment. This is some additional practice for you. I'm also attaching a video with a special rule to help you.


    If you haven't taken the quiz from Friday, but sure to take it tomorrow. It will have to go in the gradebook as a 0 until you do.