ELearning 11/12/19

Extended ELearning Day 3/24/20


    Morning Messagehttps://youtu.be/atPH0vgFIjI

    Media Literacy- CNN 10 Student News

    I can....integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, verbally) to demonstrate a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.  

    Lesson Description

    1. Watch the link for CNN 10 on Google Classroom and take notes as we do in class each day.

     Reading- Fiction

    Novel Study- The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 

    I can.....describe two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or play, drawing on specific details in the text, and how they impact the plot. 

    Lesson Description


    1.. Read chapter 6- Swedish Cremes and Welfare Cheese pgs. 75- 85.

    2. Go to Google Classroom and open Watsons Ch. 6 document and answer Chapter 6 questions. 

    3. Record any examples of racial prejudice or intolerance on the Intolerance Log (sent home in ELearning Folder)

    4. Work to be submitted in Google Classroom: Watsons Ch. 6 document ( 45 minutes)

     5.View Read Aloud video and answer Google Form Reading Response for Bud, Not Buddy.



    I can....write narratives that develop an event sequence (e.g., conflict, climax, resolution) that unfolds naturally, connecting ideas and events using transitions.

    Lesson Description

    1. Go to Google Classroom and watch the video lesson describing the writing assignment- Diary of a Raindrop https://youtu.be/GE0ToOszIqI

    2. Please read over the instructions and have fun creating a narrative of your special raindrop. Please take your time to create an exciting tale of the adventures that keeps readers enthralled.

    3. Use the writing process to pre-write, draft, revise, edit, and finally publishing. The assignment is due Friday, March 27th. (45 minutes daily)

    4. Work to be submitted for a grade: Diary of a Raindrop Narrative


    5th Grade Math Group

    I can......convert among different-sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system, and use these conversions in solving multi-step, real-world problems.

     Lesson Description

    1. Open your 5th grade math book to page 233 and then go to Google Classroom and watch the video-Solving Word Problems Involving Conversions to check over answers to some of yesterday's assignment.https://youtu.be/tnRLkTWOqYg

    2. Complete pages 236- 237.

    3. Work to be turned in: Ready Math book pages 236-237 (30 minutes).


    6th Grade Math Group

    I can....find the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths.

    Lesson Description

    1. Open your 6th grade math book to page 291 and then go to Google Classroom to play the instruction video titled, Lesson 25- Volume  to check over answers from yesterday's assignment.https://youtu.be/geiKmk_omxo

    2. Complete pgs. 294- 295.

    3. Work to be turned in: Ready Math book pgs. 294-295 (30 minutes).




    7th Grade Math Group

    I can.........construct nets for right rectangular prisms and cylinders and use the nets to compute surface area.

    Lesson Description

    1. Open your 7th grade math book to page 278 and then go to Google Classroom to play the instruction video titled, Lesson 24- Surface Area of Solids to check over answers from yesterday's assignment.

    2. Complete pgs. 280- 281.

    3. Work to be turned in: Ready Math book pgs. 280-281  (30 minuteshttps://youtu.be/79AT0YaqxwA).



    I can... analyze the scale of our solar system and its components: our solar system includes the sun, moon, seven other planets and their moons, and many other objects like asteroids and comets.

    Lesson Description


    1.  Log into Google Classroom and open the NASA- Solar System- Google Slide Presentation assignment.

    2.Use the website and other websites you find to research a planet of your own choosing.

    3. Create a Google Slide presentation to share what you have learned about your planet.

    4. Rubric for Google Slide presentation will be shared on Google Classroom.

    5. Work to be turned in for a grade: Planet Google Slide Presentation Due : Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25th. (1 week) 

    Tuesday is Art, don't forget to go to Mrs. Ledyard's link.