Virtual Learning 3/23/2020

  • Hello and welcome to another day of E-Learning.

    I want to encourage you to keep turning in work as you get it completed. Because of the extended school shutdown there will be no time during class to finish work in class when we return to school. Turning your work in through email is working well. Emailing pictures of your hand written work is working well for some of you.



    For today's math you are to complete Lesson 62 Supplemental Practice Worksheet. Look over and study the example at the top of the page for directions. Eamil me with any questions you have.



    Read the label Sheen Furniture wax on page 11. Answer the 7 questions of how to use the product. 

    When you turn this in be sure to write Sheen Furniture Wax, page 11 at the top of the page.



    Chapter 3, The Earth and Moon System. Read pages 55 and 56. Complete Lesson 1 Review on page 57. Besure to read the captions and diagrams as you will find many of your answers.

    Be sure to write Science, Lesson 1 Review at the top of the page when you turn it in.



    Read Section 3, page 407. Answer the following questions. 

    1. What cultures exist in South Asia?

    2. What languages do the people speak?

    3. What is Hinduism?

    When you turn this in be sure to write World Geography section 3, page 407 at the top of the page.