E Learning Day

E Learning Day 3-2-20


    E-Learning - 3/2/20

    • U.S History

      I can... Understand how though Isolationist feelings in the U.S. ran strong, the aggressions of other countries proplelled us into war. Indiana State Standards 4.8 and 5.1

      Lesson Description: Key Terms and People 23.3

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Go to google classroom and Megyese Class U.S.History- Class code if you need to add yourself is available to you as a class message.

      Period 1- lll3e5p

      Period 2- l8bz31

      Period 3 - f9bgqgo

      Period 5 - tignbai

      Period 6- wfyn7y

      Period 7- t64q2b

      2. Go to Google Classroom

      3. Go to Assignment

      4.  Completion of Essential Questions

      5. Work to be turned in: Completion of Chapter 23.KTAP

      Any Questions Contact Mr.Megyese @ mmegyese @ mcas.k12.in.us