Math 3-23-20

Math 3-23-20

  • Surma Block 1 Monday 3-23-20

    • Go to her teacher page for lesson and directions including the warmup quiz and code to login.
    • Today's lesson is on Scatter Plots and the short videos to watch are on Mrs. Surma's Goggle Classroom page. You will need to take notes, epecially for the vocabulary if you do not have acess to a printer.
    • Scatter Plots Vocabulary- independent variable (information on a graph listed on the x axis), dependent variable (information on a graph listed on y axis), data points (actual info we are plotting on the graph using points), outlier (data point that lies outside the regular points being plotted), line of best fit (where you try and get the same # of points plotted above the line as below the line), cluster (a group pf points with similar values), coorelation (relationship between the variables), negative coorelation (one variable of points is going up and the other variable is going down), no coorelation (points are scattered all over graph and the two variables have no relationship), positive coorelation (both variable are going up)

    A. Warmup Review for 3-23-20

    • Identifying types of transformations
    • Identifying types of slopes (positive, negative, zero, undefined)
    • Slope Formula y=mx + b (identify what variable stands for slope)
    • Solving equations and combining like terms
    • Pythagorean Theorem (read story problem CAREFULLY before giving final answer)
    • Scientific Notation from a decimal
    • ***Make sure you are completing all warm up quizzes. They are for a grade. Mrs. Surma posted the codes on my google classroom page, but I also listed them below.
    • Last Monday's ( 3-16-20) warmup quiz will expire at 5:30 PM on 3-23-20 so get it done. Code is 556246
    • Last Wednesday's (3-18-20) warmup quiz will expire at 5:30 PM on 3-25-20. Code is 240180

    Gushrowski Block 3 go to her teacher page for lesson and directions

    Warm up review: identifying types of slope, slope formula y=mx + b identify what variable is the slope, scientific notation

    Lesson focus is on identifying if two events are mutually exclusive, identifying if two events are complimentary