• - GOOD MORNING E-Learners :)


    This is Monday's E-Learning Day 3-23-20 (I MISS YOU ALL!!) 


    "I can find out the volume of rectangular prisms with whole number side units."


    MATH- For Math today: Please complete pages 254-55  in your Math book. (Lesson #24 Volume) A video will be up shortly explaining the lesson on Volume.

    Click here for video







    "I can integrate information from many different texts on the same topic to write or speak about the topic.  

    READING:  pgs. 350-351 in your I-Ready Reading books. A video will be coming explaining this lesson.You should also be continuing to read your library book or any book or articles for AIR time for at least 20 minutes daily this entire week.

    click for the video




    I have assigned you several Science articles in Readworks. You may choose 2 to complete with the questions for today's e-learning. 

    **Remember that you will need to go to Mrs. Pittman's page for your Art assignment since we have Art on Mondays!


    Please do not stress over anything, we will get through this together. Stay in and safe!










E -Learning Day NEW ASSIGNMENTS (2-13-20)