Virtual Learning 3/20/2020

  • Hello class and welcome to another day of Virtual Learning. I hope you are all doing well and coping the best you can with the shutdown. 

    I want to stress how important it is to get your work completed and turned in during this time. Not only does it effect your grade, but it is how attendance is taken as well. 


    We are going to use today as a catch up and finish day as we have often done on Fridays during the school year. I want you to to look over all of the assignments that were given this week. Make sure they are completed and turned in. 



    Today you are to finish Lesson 62. If there is anything you don't understand email me so I can help you. Remember there will be some problems that you cannot do without the textbooks. You are not responsible for completing these. If you do not have your math packet you are to email me and I will give you an alternative assignment. (contact with me through email will count as attendance)

    Be sure to put Lesson 62 at the top and number or letter your paper with your answers. 

    Lesson 61 was assigned ealier this week, Please finish and turn in if you have not done so.  

    Some students have taken pictures of the completed assignments with their phones and emailed it to me. If you have the means to do that it may be easier for you. You may do this for all of your assignments if you want. 



    You should have read and turned in the answers to;

    FLYING INSECT KILLER (10 true/false answers)

    AMMONIA (4 answers)

    RED DEMON LYE (4 answers)

    Please finish these and turn in if you have not done so. Email me with yiour concerns and of how I can help you. 




    Be sure to finish and turn in the following assignments from this week;

    Chapter 1 review on page 22

    Read Lesson 1, pages 26-29 and complete Lesson 1 review on page 30.

    Read Lesson 6, pages 48-49, complete Lesson 6 review on page 50



    Be sure to finish and turn in the following assignments from this week;

    Page 401, 1-5

    Read pages 402-403, complete section 1 review at the bottom of page 403

    Read Section 2, pages 404-406, complete Section 2 review


    Remember I'm asking you to give me your best effort. Please, please please email me with your concerns or any problems you may have in completing your work. 

    Get outside to get some fresh air and exercise if you can. Stay as healthy as you can.