• 3rd and 4th Grade: 

    Hi, everyone! I hope your first week of e-Learning has went well. Fridays will be an iReady Day...make sure you are completing both your Math and Reading minutes. Also, it is the day you have an opportunity to complete any work left over from the week. Don't forget to meet with us during your assigned Google Meet classes. The link can be found either in your Google Classroom (4th) or the 3rd grade teacher site (3rd). If you are having any problems, email one of us to help. 

    I know some of you have questions about this virus that is keeping us out of school. Click on the link below for more info. 

    Why Can't I Go to School?


    Also, each Friday I will post an activity for us to enjoy.  Today I would like us to learn about germs! How do they get into your body? How does hand sanitizer kill them? Click on the links below and ENJOY learning something new!!! I'll see you soon on Google Meet!

    How do germs get in your body?   How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

    Click on the link below for an activity you can try at home. Ask your parents for permission!




    Also, just a friendly reminder, your ChromeBook is to be used for ASSIGNMENTS FIRST not movies, games etc. If you are not completing your work, we will be contacting parents. If you are not completing your work and accessing games and movies instead, you will be warned on Go Guardian. Your activity is being monitored.