Reading Thursday, March 19, 2020

  • Ramsey and Collins Reading Block 2-go to their teacher pages and google classroom for directions. 

    • Ramsey's class is focusing on Analogies and Allusions, continuing the lesson started on Tuesday, 3-17-20. If you didn't watch the video from Tuesday he wants you to watch the video lesson before viewing the short video outlining the directions for today's assignment. Then the actual assignment will be completing 4 questions on analogies and 4 questions on allusions. One sentence answers WILL NOT be acceptable for this assignment. Put effort and thought into explaining what the author is trying to say for each scenario given. 

    ***Remember an analogy compares two different things and an allusion is making a reference to something.

    • Collins' class will need their Ready textbooks p158-160 "A Trip Over the Rainbow." You will watch a video first, then read p158-159 for the story with the questions beginning on P159 and continuing on P160. The lesson focuses on Analogies and Allusions. Your attendance checkin and answers will each be done on a google form that Mrs. Collins made. She put the link to the video for each class on her Barker teacher page. 

    ***IReady Reading on Friday and your passed lesson will be used as a grade for both teachers.