Good Morning everyone!  Please work your way down the eLearning page and visit all of the links in order to complete all of your work today. 


    1. Take your time!
    2. Do your best!
    3. Respond in complete sentences.

    Have a great day today! 

    Love, Mrs. Sickles


      ***** Do not forget to go to Google Classroom today at 4:00 for a live meet.  I will post the link to join at 3:55.  Make sure you have questions ready for me! 


         Attendance - Please Complete

    • You have both Gym and Music today, please don't forget to visit those pages to complete those assignments as well. 


      If you see Mrs. Schwark for reading or math make sure that you visit her page as well! 


      READING & ELA  

      ***Please make sure that you read your assignment carefully.  

      Learning Target:

      I can answer questions based on the text and illustrations that I read. 


      Follow each link in order to complete your reading instruction.

      1.  Read Aloud if you need to review Wednesday's read aloud

      2. One Well Close Read Questions if you need to review Wednesday's instruction

      3.  Close Read Questions to turn in!

      4. EdPuzzle



      Completed Google Form for Close Read

      Completed EdPuzzle

      READING TOTAL (50 minutes)




      ***Please make sure that you read your assignment carefully 

      Learning Targets:

      I can determine the perimeter of an object by adding each of the outside measurements of a shape.


      I can multiply 2 factors together fluently to equal the correct product.


      Follow the links for your math instruction. I have included both math links from yesterday if you need to review how to add the area together from two separate shapes.
      1.  Math Assignment

          2.  Brain Pop Multiplication Facts - just in case you need to review directions

          3. Link Multiplication Game -beat your score from yesterday! 

    Just in case it asks for a User Name:  EDGEWOODEAGLES

                                                  Password: EAGLES2020




          Completed Google Form Assignment

         Turn in your most successful level to me on your ClassDojo Portfolio, lets see who can beat the teacher!     

         MATH TOTAL (50 minutes)