E-Learning 3/19/2020

  • Good morning!  Welcome to our ELearning day.  Please complete the assignments throughout the day so we can continue our scheduled lessons once we return to school.  I will be available throughout the day via email or Class Dojo if you have any questions.  



    I Can… make conclusions based on the information that is implied or inferred in the text.


    1. Log into ReadWorks.  Find the assignment called Computers vs Books.  Take your time and do your best, especially on the written response questions.  If you can’t remember what it means to draw a conclusion, you can always rewatch the videos from yesterday to refresh your memory.
    2. Turn in your assignment when finished.


    Work to be turned in.... 

    ReadWorks assignment turned in online.




    I Can… understand that shapes may share attributes, and that the shared attributes can define a larger category.


    1.  Find the assignment called 2-D shape map in the math pages that were sent home.  Complete the shape map by cutting and gluing the shapes from the last page of the packet onto the front in the correct category.  If you don’t have scissors or glue you can just draw the shapes.
    2. Find the Attributes packet we sent home.  You DO DOT need to cut and glue each page.  Instead, get one green and one red crayon.  There are 8 sentences at the bottom of each page.  Color the attributes that are true for ALL of each shape green.  Color the attributes that are only for SOME of each shape red.  Save the packet to turn in when we return to school.
    3. Log in to Xtra Math and complete one full lesson.  Make sure you complete the whole lesson until it tells you to log out.  
    4. Complete the Google Form called “Math 3/19/20”.  We use this to track attendance for the day.


    Work to be turned in… 

    Cut and glue shapes activity and shape attributes packet.  Both to be saved and turned in when we return to school.  

    Submitted Google Form and Xtra Math.




    I Can… identify types of simple machines and understand their use.

    1.  Listen and watch the video about Levers.
    2.  Then go to Google Classroom and answer the questions on levers in the Google Doc assignment.  Be sure to share with your teacher or just press turn in.


    Work to be turned in:  

    Google Doc assignment


    We have NO Specials today. 




      Please click on the link below and complete the assignments.

    Art: Click on the link to go to the art site.

    Music: Click on the link to go to the Music site.

    P E: Click on the link to go to the PE site.