Challenge Education

  • Challenge Education is a program that provides opportunities for persons of all ages and ability levels to interact cooperatively and successfully with peers. Participants are placed in a stimulating situation were by collaborating on tasks that challenge their imaginations and capabilities, they can experience growth in the areas of motor, social, cognitive, and effective skills. Areas of potential growth include: self-awareness, initiative, balance, goal setting, cooperation, communication, leadership, developing trust, self-confidence, and problem solving.

    All activities are structured in such a way that success can be achieved by each individual only through the efforts of the group as a whole.  Therein lies the essence of Challenge Education.

    Challenge Education programs may take place in various locations: class rooms, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, or outdoor sites.

    The Basic Components of Challenge education:

    1. Initiatives: Group activities designed to foster enthusiasm, confidence, trust, cooperation, etc.
    2. Challenge: Course: A set of constructed "elements" or equipment used to develop and expand group dynamics.
    3. Processing: Group discussions used to consolidate and enhance the overall experience.

    Challenge Education is:

    • An opportunity to help students develop essential skills.
    • Active learning in an active setting.
    • One part of the continuum of services offered by MCAS.

    Challenge Education is NOT:

    • An opportunity for competition.
    • Physical Education.
    • Recess or free time.

    For further information, contact: Gary Collins, at 873-2090