Virtual Learning 3/20/2020


     Resource Period


    Steps of the Lesson:


    1.  Log onto Lockdown Browser in Blackboard and go to the Resource Period page.


    2.  Click on the "Vocabulary Tests" link on the left side.


    3.  Click on the link for "Vocabulary Quiz 20" and take the quiz.  Please be honest while you are taking this quiz.  Do not look up words or get outside help in any way.


    Work to be turned in:  Finish Vocabulary Quiz 20 and submit it.


     Algebra 2

    All assignments should be submitted through Google Classroom.  To submit your assignment, take a picture of it and upload it to the appropriate location.  Please add yourself to Google Classroom according to your period number.  Here are the codes to join.

    Period 2  cnfetyi

    Period 4  5cwi6l5

    Period 5  ptprnvp

    Perido 8  c6r2su2


    I can...expand log expressions.


    Steps of the lesson:


    1.  Watch the video or this lesson "Expanding Log Expressions (version 1)".


    2.  Click here to access the assignment "Expanding Log Expressions (version 1)".  The answers are included at the end for your immediate feedback.


    3.  Print out the pdf making sure you show your work, OR copy the problems onto notebook paper and show the work there.  Then take your picture and upload to Google Classroom. 



    Work to be turned in:  Picture of your work for this assignment.