• 3/18/2020

    Good Morning class,

    I hope you all are doing well. Fiirst I want to thank all of you who have turned in yesterday's work. If you have not completed your work please do so today. If you have not turned it in or not sure how to submit it please email me so I can help you with this.



    Today we are going to continue and finish Lesson 61. You are to complete 16-30. There will be some problems that you won't be able to complete without the textbook. Numbers 25 and 26 you cannot complete without the textbook. You will not be responsble for these. 

    In yesterday's work, problems 1, 3, 5 could not be completed without the book. On number 7; after listing the factors of 12 and 16 you are to write the commom factors in the bottom right corner as you can see. 

    When you have this completed I have two options for submiting it. One is to email me the answers. If you do that write Lesson 61 at the top and make sure the answers go with the proper number or letter. The best and easiest option is to take a picture of it with your phone and email it to me. If you have any problems of concerns don't hesitate to email them to me.



    Today I want you to complete the first part of Activity 4 Reading Labels. Carefully read AMMONIA and answer the questions that go with it.

    To submit this write Ammonia at the top of the page and number your paper 1-5.



    Read pages 26-30 of yiour Earth Science book. Be sure to read over and study the captions, charts, graphs, and pictures. Then complete and submit Lesson 1 Review on page 30. 


    World Geography

    Read pages 402 and 403. Read the vocabulary terms as well. Then complete and submit Section 1 Review on page 403. 


    As always if you have any questions or concerns about how to turn in your work please email me. I will be available to answer any questions that you have. 

    During this time of quarantine, remember I'm asking you to simply do the best you can in completeing this work.