Math e-Learning 3-18-20

Math e-Learning 3-18-20

  • Surma Block 1 Math  (go to her teacher page for directions) 

    A. Warm up Quiz at use code 356590 to join, completion will be used as attendance

    Review Notes:

    • functions-use the vertical line test so that only one point is on any line vertically(up and down)
    • Using formulas (Surma:finding the Volume of a Cylinder) (Gushrowski:finding Surface Area)
    • any number to the power of negative 1 is a fraction written as 1/any number
    • finding slope of two sets of coordinate points use the change for y over the change for x and answer is a fraction (if both numbers of the fraction are negative then the answer is written as a positive)
    • multiplying with exponents add exponents together (a2 times a5=a7) 
    • solving equations 5(x +2)-3=37 use distribution then combine like terms
    • finding a square root means your answer could be positive or negative (square root of 100 could be positive or negative 10)
    • Give an example of Irrational or Rational numbers
    • Solve using the Pythagorem Theorem given an example problem (a2 + b2=c2) (diagonal or longest side is your c)

    B. Slide show (you will need your Ready textbook)

    C. Assignment IReady lesson on Volume of Cylinders, Cones, Spheres (it is a graded lesson and will count towards your 1 Math IReady lesson this week)

    Gushrowski Block 3 Math (go to her teacher page for directions)

    A. Warm up quiz-use review notes from above 

    B. Assignment quiz on Probability (use your specific notes with examples we wrote in class last Friday 3-13-20)

    Probability Review notes:(I listed general notes below)

    • Independent using examples like flipping a coin, rolling dice, using a spinner, drawing an object and you DO REPLACE it
    • Dependent using examples like drawing or picking an object but you DO NOT REPLACE it
    • Compound Probability-two or more events, to find it multiply your probability outcomes in fraction format (2/8 times 3/8 would be 6/64)
    • 0% Impossible
    • 50% Equally likely vs unlikely
    • 100% Certain
    • anything 0-50% is Unlikely
    • anything 50-100% is Likely
    • Sample Space-making a list of ALL POSSIBLE OUTCOMES