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    Thursday, March 19, 2020



    I can... retell main ideas and key details of a text. 
    Steps of the Lesson: 
    A.  Listen to the following story about about Amelia Earhart, read by the author!  
              I Am Amelia Earhart
    B. At the end of the story they show a timeline of events. Pause the video when it shows the timeline and write down what happened on the following dates; 
    • July 24, 1897
    • December 28, 1920
    • January 3, 1921
    • July 21
    • October 22, 1922
    • May 20-21, 1932
    • June 1927
    • July 2, 1927

    Work to be turned in: Eight timeline events from the story written down. (30 minutes)



    **PARENTS** This will be your child's check in for this E-Learning day! 

    Hi guys!! I miss your faces so, so much!! I am so sad that we cannot have our paper airplane contest tomorrow at school- so, I had an idea... I would like for each of you to click the link below that says AIRPLANES, watch the video on how to make paper airplanes. Next, I would like for you to make your very own paper airplanes and then send me a picture or a video of you and your airplane on ClassDojo (or through email)! This way you still get to make your airplanes and I still get to see them! This will also count for your attendance today. 




    Phonics Skill and Writing

    I can... spell and read sight words with /y/ sounding like /i/ or /e/.

    I can... organize details that go together in my writing.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    Activity 1 - /y/ sounds like /i/ or /e/

    1. The words are: any, study, try, very, why. 

        Additional words are: spy, shy, daddy, mommy, funny.

    2. Practice spelling your words by writing them in crayon, marker, chalk, play-doh or any other creative way you would enjoy. Next practice reading them.

    3. Choose three of your ten spelling words and put them into complete sentences. 

    Work to be turned in: Three complete sentences using your spelling words. (45 minutes)



     I can... add and subtract to solve problems.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Math review- solve the following 4 story problems. Show your work.

    1. Max the monkey loves bananas! He ate 7 bananas in the morning. Then he ate 8 bananas at night. How many bananas did Max eat in all?

    2. Jill went to the fair. She had 16 tickets to go on rides. Jill used 4 tickets on the big slide. How many tickets did Jill have left? 
    3. Al had 10 pets. He gave 3 to his friend. How many pets does Al have now?

    4. Max gave four toys to his mom and six toys to his friend. How many toys did he give away?

    2. Solve the following number sentences for addition and subtraction. Please write out the problem.

    1. 15 + 10=

    2. 16 + 14=

    3. 18 - 10=

    4. 10 - 3=

     Work to be turned in: Answers to 4 story problems and answers to 4 number sentences (Please show your work). (30 minutes)




    We have gym and music on Tuesday's and Friday's. We have art on Wednesday's.   

    ART- Wednesday's Only

    MUSIC- Tuesday & Friday

    GYM- Tuesday & Friday


    Student Resources - Only the following students; Austin, Maverick, Kaleb, and Aiden 

    Speech & Language