Virtual Learning 3/17/2020

  • 3/17/2020

    Welcome to our first full day of Virtual Learning. I hope you have taken the time on Monday to look over all of the material that you were to take home on Friday. If you do not have your text books or the folder I gave out please email me and we will make other arrangements for you to complete your work in another virtual format. If you were not in school on Friday you should be recieving your math and reading work in the US mail. 


    For math today you are to work on Lesson 61. You will have today and tomorrow to complete this. Some of the problems you will not be able to complete without the text book. You will not be responsible for those.


    On the first page of lesson 61 study the diagram of how to name lines, segments, and rays. With a good understand of this you should be able to answer A though E. 


    This next set of problems refers to obtuse, accute, and right angles. The diagram shows the angle. If you are not sure which angle is which simply google each of these.

    F gives the name of the obtuse angle as AMD. Another way to name this is DMA. 


    You should be able to complete all of these without your text book except number 4 (you will not be responsble for number 4). For the fraction problems use your calculator if you need to. You should be able to find a fraction calculator on your iphone or on the internet.

    Tomorrow you will complete the rest of lesson 61 in which I will instruct you on how to submit or send the assignment to me.

    If you have any questions please email me. 



    Unfortunately I won't be able to hear you read during this period of no face to face classroom time. If you can read to someone in your house that would be great, as this reading to me or someone else has made a positive improvement in both your reading fluency and your comprehension. 

    Today you are to read FLYING INSECT KILLER. There are 10 questions you are to answer for this reading. You may read the questions first if you want. When reading the story you might highlight or underline important words or statements. 

    To improve you reading fluency you can time your self to see how fast you can read the story. Reread the story as much as you would like to try to improve your time just as you do with me in the classroom. 

    To submit the questions to me write FLYING INSECT KILLER at the top, number 1-10 and answer T or F for each. 


    Complete the Chapter 1 review on page 22. Answer questions 1-17. For most of these vocabulary terms there are diagrams and pictures showing their meaning. You might study and observe them before reading the text. 

    To summit this assignment be sure to title it Science Chapter1 Review and number it 1-17.

    If you do not have a text book please email me and I will provide you with an alternative assignment. 



    In World Geography we are are starting Chapter 18. SOUTH ASIA. On page 401 is a map of South Asia. Study this map. Look at the mountain ranges, the rivers, and bodies of water that are around it. Answer the five questions at the bottom of the page.

    To submit this assignment be sure to title it South Asia p. 401 and number it 1-5.

    If you do not have a text book please email me and I will provide you with an alternative assignment. 

    If you do not have World Geography with me then of course you are not responsible for this. 


    I need to hear from you today by turning in your assignments or at least emailing me. 

    I hope you are all ok and staying as healthy as you can.