e-Learning Day

eLearning Day Agenda

  • E-Learning- Tuesday, 3/17/2020 and Thursday, 3/19/2020

    English Language Arts


    *Always check our Google Classroom page and look for assignments under the topic "Quarter 4" with the day's date. *

    First and Fourth Block ELA Lesson Details

    Lesson Goals:

    I can...read (and listen to) a variety of nonfiction within a range of complexity appropriate for grade 8. 

    I can...interact with grade level texts proficiently and independently. 

    I can...analyze the development of a central idea over the course of a text, including its relationship to supporting ideas; provide a detailed, objective summary of the text.

    I can...analyze how a text makes connections and distinctions among individuals, events, and ideas.


    8.RN.1, 8.RN.2.2, 8.RN.3.2

    1. Go to Google Classroom.

    2. Click the “classwork” tab on the top bar.

    3. Locate the Quarter 4 topic section and find the assignment for Tuesday and Thursday.

    4. For Tuesday, we will focus on finishing our argument when we get back to school in a few weeks. We are going to get started on our Holocaust unit. I always like to start by giving you some background information of the Holocaust. Please click the video link and it will take you to a slideshow with me giving you more details and explaining things over it. Please make sure you listen to the recording while you view.

    5. After you listen and view the slideshow, please locate the Google Doc listed right next to the video. You need to write (in complete sentences) three new things that you learned. Finish off with one question you may have about the Holocaust. 

    6. On Thursday, you will complete a Holocaust webquest that is based from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

    7. Open the video and follow the in-depth instructions I have given you. 

    8. Please turn in all work by midnight on the date it is given. 

    Advanced Fifth Block

    1. Today, you will listen to Serial Podcast Episode 8.

    2. As you listen, you need to take notes on the characterization of Jay.

    3. Please follow the video for further details.




    TURN IN:


    *Turn in the assignments after above steps are completed. 

    *If you do not hit the turn in button with your completed work, you will be counted absent for today.

    *Do NOT  forget to hit the "Turn In" button on Google Classroom


    Please EMAIL Mrs. Foltz and Mrs. Hekter for any questions on your assignments! 

    If you are in a class with Mrs. Hekter as the teacher, please check her page as well!