• - GOOD MORNING E-Learners :) This is Wednesday's  E-Learning Day 3-18-20. We are going to be going over the answers to yesterday's assignments in the videos.


    MATH- For Math today: Please complete pages 252-53 in your Math book. (Lesson #23B) The following link is the lesson video with the answers on mean, median, and mode assignment from yesterday (pgs. 250-51) 

    *Remember the "I can" statement is I can understand how to find out the mean, median, and mode given a set of data.


    click here for math instructions  (Video)



    "I Can ...compare and contrast 2 texts of the same genre."


    READING:  pgs408-414 (Ind. practice) in your I-Ready Reading books. The following video will be  going over the lesson from yesterday on comparing stories in the same genre (mysteries..,pgs. 402-405) You should also be continuing to read your library book or any book or articles for AIR time for at least 20 minutes daily this entire week.


    Click here for reading instruction   (Video)



    Social Studies/Writing

    Choose a famous landmark in the US to research such as Yellowstone Park, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, The Hoover Dam, or a city that you would love to  know more about and share it in a doc with me. Please tell me why you chose the thing you pick and tell me 5-6 things about it! You can attach a picture if you choose to. Happy searching!! 


    Please do not stress over anything. If you would like to write me, send an e-mail. I will reply. Take Care! XOXOXO. Stay healthy EVERYONE!!:)












E -Learning Day NEW ASSIGNMENTS (2-13-20)