• E-Learning  Tuesday 3/17/2020 

    • Two Roads Audiobooks:

      Chapter 24

      Chapter 25

      Chapter 26
    • Reading Learning Targets:

      I can...analyze how letters fit into the structure of the book and help to develop the plot of Two Roads.

      I can...determine possible themes and how they are conveyed in chapters 25 and 26 of Two Roads.

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Read chapters 25 and 26 of Two Roads.

      Chapter 25Chapter 26
    • 2. Complete the Exit Ticket

      Exit Ticket

    • Work to be turned in: Exit Ticket. (40 minutes)


      Writing Learning Targets:

      I can... determine how commas set off a paranthetical element that adds further context to the sentence.

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Student Workbook: Watch the video and complete Pgs. 106, 109-110.

      Link to Video


      Work to be turned in: Pgs. 106, 109-110 (30 minutes)



    Social Studies Schedule:

    Walker Homeroom: Mondays and Thursdays

    Tabor Homeroom: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    Learning Target: I can respond to current events and discuss their impact on society.


    Steps of the Lesson (Same for every day your class has Social Studies):

    1. Watch the CNN 10 episode for the day. https://www.cnn.com/cnn10

    2. Begin your current event journal by clicking on the slideshow presentation on google classroom. Keep in mind, you only have to journal 6 times total before April 14th.

    Link to CNN 10 Journal


    Work to be turned in: 6 Journals by April 14th.


    • Specials Schedule


      ART Walker: Wednesday Tabor: Friday

      MUSIC Tuesday and Thursday

      Gym Tuesday and Thursday



      Speech (If you recieve speech services at school)

    • Please also complete Ms. Walker's E-Learning