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    Hey everyone!
    Welcome to Day 1 of COVID-19 Virtual Learning. You are all a part of significant history at this very moment; it's really kind of interesting!


    Virtual Learning Opening Video

    (All of the following information was originally posted in corresponding Google Classroom pages. You can get to this by clicking here.)

    "So, I've included a link to a formal policies and procedures document. Please READ IT ALL as you will be responsible for the information it gives. But aside from that, I want you to know what you can expect from my classes and any advice I have to give.

    1) Google Classroom is you main information hub. Check it every day. Turn on notifications to your phones if you like. The chat notifications can get annoying so I think there's a way to mute just those.

    *Use Google Hangouts through your school account to contact me directly. It's the fastest way to get a response. Email is appropriate if you're not in need of a back and forth conversation. But individual homework help or a one on one discussion about a topic may best be handled through a hangout.

    2) I'll primarily be communicating to you through lesson videos, but we can't underestimate the impact actually being able to SEE fellow students and teachers can have. We MAY do some Google Meets which means we'll meet LIVE while online. See the attached Google Doc for expectations on that.

    3) Assignments will have the same format that you're used to. Primarily Khan Academy for homework and Quizizz for quizzes, tests, and additional homework assignments.

    4) DO YOUR WORK. It just has to get done. There may be a different grading policy for this virtual learning. I'm still working on that. Just do the best you can to at least FINISH EVERY ASSIGNMENT given to you. Getting all of your participation and homework points can make the quizzes and tests less daunting.

    5) BE PATIENT with your classmates and teachers. This is new for everyone here. Be open to change as these weeks go by and communicate as much as possible."