How to Create a Quaver Account

  • Hello! If your child is in Kindergarten or First Grade,

    they have not created an account with me for QuaverMusic.com

    They will need to create an account in order to complete their ELearning for music class. 

    Here are step by step instructions on creating a Quaver Account:

    1. Go to www.QuaverMusic.com

    2. Click the purple "Sign Up" button in the top right corner.

    3. Enter a Username and Password that you and your child can remember. 

    4. You do NOT need to add an email address.

    5. Check the box that says "Agree"

    6. Enter the QuaverCode for your child's class, from the list below:

    Clemons: X62RG

    Lux: VWJK2

    Spoylar: QSUMN

    Williams: XHAPC

    Wise: SDJ65


    If you need more help, please send me a message through Email or ClassDojo and I will try to help. Thank you!