• Extended eLearning: Welcome and Information

    • Greetings Students!

      Anyone having technical difficulties?  Students and families may call 219.873.2000 ext. 8359 for assistance with computers.


      We are in a new age of distance education.  Your teachers will provide online instruction and you, as students, must motivate yourselves to give your best effort to participate, learn, and grow in your academic studies despite the distractions that may surround you.  Please reach out with questions thru Google Chat or Google Meet so that I may help you (and maybe you will help me, too!) as you navigate the virtual world of education.  Additionally, I want to help you stay up to date with your assignments and responsibilities.  We are all in this together!


      Some key points to remember:

      1. Be sure to be marked present for each class each day. This is likely a Google Form or Assignment located through the Google Classroom or possibly on a teacher's MCAS website. Taking attendance each day will be very important in this digital learning platform.

      2. Assignments should be completed and turned in as they are assigned. There will be 3 TOTAL days when we return, not three days per eLearning day, so stay on top of your assignments.

      3. The majority of assignments will be accessed and turned in via the Google Classroom format, as will most lessons. Make sure you are a part of the classes you are enrolled in. Email your teachers or me if you find you are missing a class.

      4. Email will be the official form of communication so it is imperitive that you are able to access your MCAS student email AND that you check it regularly. Failure to access, check, or respond to emails will not excuse you from any responsibilities you may have.

      5. I am available via email or Google chat Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm. If you need anything, please reach out.

      6. If you would like specific 1:1 assignment help or tutoring on skills, this time can be scheduled through Google Email, confirmed through Google Calendar, and held via Google Meet. Reach out for details.

      7. Please note, I will no longer be posting links to other teachers' webpages on this page. You should access your teachers' pages directly to see your assignments. This page will announce assignment specific supplemental instruction and support (available via Google platforms) and general support and guidance to be successful during this extended eLearning period.

      8. As a student you are responsible to check your email, your teachers' MCAS websites, and your Google Classrooms Monday through Friday beginning at 8am and as many times as needed throughout the day to complete your assignments until 3pm. Failure to understand or access an assignment does not excuse you from it.

      9. Here are some helpful tips and the schedule:

        1. INSTRUCTION means listen to and follow along with instructional videos and activities to learn new academic content.
        2. PRACTICE means complete an independent assignment to develop proficiency with the content from the instruction. TAKE NOTES and REFER to the instructional videos as needed.
        3. Pause, rewind, and rewatch the instructional videos as much as you need to understand the content and complete the activities.
        4. Use the instructional videos and any supplemental supports available via the teacher pages or Google Classroom when completing assignments.
        5. Be sure to complete and submit all parts of any given assignment according to that specific teachers' expectations. Follow directions!!!
        6. If you are still confused, email you teacher or me, here for more direct instruction and support.
        7. Use your time wisely, take breaks as needed, but make sure to stay on top of your work. It counts towards your grades and your education!

        The learning schedule is as follows:Monday - BLUE 
        1. Math - INSTRUCTION
        2. Science OR Social Studies (whatever you have on BLUE days) - INSTRUCTION
        3. Related Arts (whatever you have on BLUE days) - INSTRUCTION
        Tuesday - BLUE
        1. ELA - INSTRUCTION
        2. Science OR Social Studies (whatever you have on BLUE days) - PRACTICE
        3. Related Arts (whatever you have on BLUE days) - PRACTICE
        Wednesday - GREY
        1. Math - PRACTICE
        2. Science OR Social Studies (whatever you have on GREY days) - INSTRUCTION
        3. Related Arts (whatever you have on GREY days) - INSTRUCTION
        Thursday - GREY
        1. ELA - PRACTICE
        2. Science OR Social Studies (whatever you have on GREY days) - PRACTICE
        3. Related Arts (whatever you have on GREY days) - PRACTICE
        Friday - iReady
        1. Math - pass 1 iReady learning path lesson at 70% or higher
        2. Language Arts - pass 1 iReady learning path lesson at 70% or higher

      Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.


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