e-Learning 3/16/20

  • 3rd and 4th Grades & PARENTS!!!

    Good Morning. I'd like to take this first day of our extened e-LEARNING to explain my page and how it will support your learning needs. 

    First, this page is not 'extra' work. My page is here to provide support for assignments assigned to you by your classroom teacher. These supports may include: accomodations such as multiplication and hundreds charts, support videos that provide additional information on the content your class is working on, support extensions and online practice. Your teachers may assign my page as part of your daily assignments, so please make sure you are accessing this page daily. 3RD GRADERS: SUPPORTS WILL BE LISTED UNDER THE GRADE LEVEL PAGE (LoGreco, Shimala, Harmon, Hernandez) starting tomorrow. 

    In addition, there are reading and writing supports available to you on your Chromebook. Your assignment today is to watch the attached videos and familiarize yourself with the features of these supports. If you work with me in a small group, these should be familiar to you. If not, here is your opportunity to familiarize yourself to them. These supports will be extremely helpful with reading and writing assignments. Snap&Read will also be very helpful with word problems on your Math assignments. 

    These extentions are found as icons on the upper right hand corner of your ChromeBook. 

    1.) Snap&Read

    Snap&Read Tutorial

    Snap&Read How-to's

    Features of Snap&Read: 

    Read Aloud - Listen to text as it’s read aloud across websites, PDFs, and Google Drive. It also reads in other languages.

    Text Leveling - Dynamically adjust the readability of text without changing the meaning.

    Translation - Translate text into 100+ languages on any webpage.

    Study Tools - Pull text into an outline, then organize it and add notes.

    Remove Distractions - Remove distracting content and adjust fonts, spacing and number of characters per line creating the best online reading experience possible. 

    Color Overlay / Reading Line Guides- Color Overlay and Reading Line Guides brings focus to text paragraph-by-paragraph and even line-by-line—by masking the reading area.

    Picture Supported Dictionary - Clear definitions plus multiple icon representations enhance meaning.

    Bibliographer - Automatically cite sources on any webpage

    Screenshot Reader - Instantly get access to text embedded in images, inaccessible PDFs, and Flash through Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

    Readability Analyzer - See the grade level equivalent of the text on any webpage.

    Annotation - Highlight and add text to PDFs then save to Google Drive, One Drive, or download.

    2.) Co:Writer

    Co:Writer Tutorial

    Co:writer How-tos

    Co:Writer Universal is a set of writing tools that aides with phonetic spelling,
    grammar, and topic-related vocabulary. 

    Multiplication Chart          Hundreds Chart