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    When your student(s) has me for art, they will be using their classroom teacher's link where I will join the meeting and take over for the art class. Below is the link for Mrs. Willis's classroom.

    • Mrs. Willis's Art Class time will be Fridays at 1:50 pm via Zoom.


    I also will be posting information regarding all assignments into Seesaw. You will be able to view the art class Seesaw when your child logs into Clever. I will not accept any art assignments posted/uploaded to Seesaw. It must be uploaded to Artsonia. The information for Artsonia is down below. Thank you!

    I will also be a co-teacher on Mrs. Willis's ClassDojos to communicate all behaviors of your student(s), only when we are back in person.


    When your child/children have to turn in an art assignment, they will do so by uploading it to Artsonia. It's an online portfolio that keeps it all in one spot, and not in my inbox. Most of you used it during the spring extended e-learning. I'll have project folders up for you to select where it goes! I am the main art teacher at Marsh, so when you log into Artsonia, you'll see the name of Marsh School. Do not worry: I am just not able to have two schools attached to one login on Artsonia.