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     2nd Grade (Brown, Davis, & Chenault)


    October 13, 2020: Mrs. Davis's class: Your assignment is posted on your 2nd Davis Art seesaw. Follow the instructions of the activity and don't forget to hit the green checkmark to submit. Have a great fall break!!



    You will be first watching a video of a read-aloud for the Peter H. Reynolds's book "The Dot".

    Video 1: Peter H. Reynolds-The Dot

    Then you will be finding objects around the house like plastic cups, lids off of chip cans, a roll of tape, and using it to trace around and make circles. Then you will color them in to have a page full of colorful dots! Follow along with my instructions and above all, HAVE FUN!!!

    Video 2: Celebrating Dot Day!



    When your student(s) has me for art, they will be using their classroom teacher's link where I will join the meeting and take over for the art class. Below are the links for Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Chenault's classes.

    • Mrs. Brown's Art Class time will be Mondays at 12:45 pm via Zoom.


    • Mrs. Davis's Art Class time will be Tuesdays at 12:45 pm via Zoom.


    • Mrs. Chenault's Art Class time will be Thursdays at 12:45 pm via Zoom.


    I also will be posting information regarding all assignments to Seesaw. You and your child will be able to see the Art class Seesaw when they log into Clever. I will NOT accept any art assignments posted in Seesaw. It must be posted in Artsonia. The information for Artsonia (an online portfolio) is down below.

    I will also be able to communicate to you about your child via ClassDojo, Remind, or the Seesaw inbox. You may also email me at squartuccio@mcas.k12.in.us

    • For children in Mrs. Chenault's class, I have a class for you on the Remind app. The link to be connected to me is



    When your child/children have to turn in an art assignment, they will do so by uploading it to Artsonia. It's an online portfolio that keeps it all in one spot, and not in my inbox. Most of you used it during the spring extended e-learning. I'll have project folders up for you to select where it goes!Artsonia