• Mission Statement

    The mission of the Michigan City Area Schools, the unifying force of our diverse community, is to ensure that all students are able to achieve any goal to which they aspire and contribute positively to society through a system characterized by:

    • learning as a continuous experience of excitement, opportunity, and achievement,

    • clear goals and high expectations for students' success,

    • supportive families and community,

    • staff with pride and purpose leading by positive example, and

    • students prepared for and enthusiastic about their future.


    We believe that:

    • every person is valuable,

    • each person is accountable for his or her actions,

    • each person can effect change especially in him or herself,

    • every person deserves respect,

    • all people have the right to live in safety,

    • all people have the right to live life to their fullest potential,

    • every child deserves a family that cares,

    • learning is perpetual,

    • diversity strengthens individuals and the community,

    • the higher the expectation, the greater the achievement,

    • the first obligation to society is education,

    • excellence is worth the investment,

    • anything worthwhile requires hard work



    We will:

    • make all decisions based strictly on the best interest of the student,

    • not engage in anything that negatively affects our primary - secondary educational objectives,

    • not compromise excellence,

    • honor the uniqueness of each person,

    • always treat others as we would like to be treated, and

    • effectively manage and optimize our existing resources and find the resources necessary to achieve our objectives.


    Strategic Plan Strategies


    We will put in place processes and learning opportunities to ensure that each student progressively creates and achieves his or her personal learning plan (PLP).


    We will provide all necessary support for each student to achieve his or her educational and personal goals.


    We will ensure that 100% of children will succeed in early childhood experiences.


    We will ensure for each student a seamless transition from school to career regardless of vocational or educational goals.


    We will create professional learning communities dedicated to the success of each student.


    Parents will be engaged in all aspects of their child’s education.


    We will create an open exchange of information and ideas, both internally and externally, to accomplish the mission and objectives of the Michigan City Area Schools.


    We will make our community an integral part of the Michigan City Area Schools.