E-Learning 3/16/2020

  • Good morning!  Welcome to our ELearning day.  Please complete the assignments throughout the day so we can continue our scheduled lessons once we return to school.  I will be available throughout the day via email or Class Dojo if you have any questions.  


    Welcome Video 



    I Can… create a written response that includes my opinion and citing evidence from the text. 


    1. Go to Google Classroom. 
    2. Go to ReadWorks and listen to or read BOTH stories in "Facing Challenges." 
    3. Watch the video, "YES MA'AM" on how to answer your written response to the ReadWorks passage.
    4. Find the assignment called Facing Challenges Day 1.  Be sure to use the strategy from the video in your response.  
    5. Share with your teacher when you are finished typing your answer.   

    Work to be turned in.... 

    Google Doc assignment 



    I Can… identify points, lines and line segments. 


    1. Go to Google Classroom.  Find the two math videos called “Day 1 part 1” and “Day 1 part 2”.  Watch both of these videos.Click submit when finished watching the videos. 
    1. Complete the 2 assignments in your math packet that was sent home on Friday.  Save the assignments in a folder to bring back to school when we return.


    Work to be turned in… 

    The two assignments from videos to be turned in when we return to school.   First assignment is the cut and paste activity of: Rays, Angles, Points, Lines, and Line Segments.   Second assignment is Identifying the type of line page 1.  BOTH activities are found in the packet I sent home with you.  



    I Can... write a paragraph using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  


    1. Go to Google Classroom.
    2. Open the assignment titled "Writing Prompt March 16 and 17".
    3. Read the directions on how to write the personal narrative.   Remember that 3rd graders write 5 or more complete sentences. Be sure to use proper capital letters and ending marks. 
    4. Share the story with your teacher when finished. 

    Work to be turned in… 

    Share typed story in Google Docs with your teacher


    We have MUSIC and GYM.     




      Please click on the link below and complete the assignments.

    Art: Click on the link to go to the art site.

    Music: Click on the link to go to the Music site.

    P E: Click on the link to go to the PE site.