E-Learning Day 3/18/2020

  • Wednesday, March 18, 2020


    I Can...

    I can use context clues and pictures to determine the meaning of unknown words.

    I can use text features(such as pictures and diagrams) to understand key information in the lesson.

    I can create a life cycle of an animal.


    • Watch this first Video.
    • Open your Science book to page 130.
    • Watch the video and read along on page 130-131 in your book.
    • Turn to page 132-133 and follow along with this video.
    • Complete the target activities in your book.
    • Complete the Google Form.


    Work to turn in:

    Google Form

    Word Work/Writing


    I Can...

    I can read multi-syllabic words with suffixes.



    • Complete the first two pages in your packet 

    Work to turn in:

    You will turn in your completed suffix and prefix packet when we return to school.  



    I Can...

    Solve a two-step word problem involving measurement.

    Write an equation to solve a word problem.

    Choose a strategy (picture, number line, diagram) to solve a word problem.


    Work to turn in:

    Math Instruction book pages 216-217.  Math practice and problem solving page 239.


    Today would be Library.  There is no work to be done.