Math Specific elearning info for 3/16/20

Math e-Learning for 3/16/20

  • Surma/Gushrowski Math 3/16/20 (Go to their teacher pages for today's lesson)

    *****Remember go to for a calculator

    Review Information to help you:

    • Answers for finding volume will be cubed
    • Finding slope is the number before the x(variable)
    • Writing slope equations-find the number on the y-axis first then decide whether you need to go up and over right for a positive slope or down and over right for a negative slope. Example: y=2/3x -5 or y=-1/2+3
    • Functions-x does not repeat, each x input can have only one y output
    • Finding percents of a number means you write that percent as a decimal and multiply it by the number. Example: You want to buy a new pair of shoes that cost $125. They are having a 15% off sale . You want to know how much you will save. 15%=.15 so you multiply $125 by .15 (125x.15=18.75). $18.75 is how much you will save off of the total original amount of $125. 
    • Reciprocals are opposites (5 would be 1/5, 1/3 would be 3)
    • Rounding examples (0-4 same and 5-9 goes up): 78.94 rounded to the nearest tenth is 78.9 because the 4 tells the 9 to stay the same. 43.865 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 43.87 because the 5 tells the 6 to go up to a 7. 
    • Anything to the zero power is 1
    • Independent probability-you do replace an object
    • Dependent probability-you don't replace

    Surma's class will need their Ready book today, p248. I have posted the page as a PDF on my Google Classroom page under the heading of Ready Math Book.