eLearning Day 3/25/2020



    Virtual Learning Wednesday, March 25, 2020


    Dear Students,

    I forgot to put P.E. and Music on the assignment yesterday, so you’ll see it today along with Art.  Sorry about that!


    Love, Mrs. Gesse



    Learning Targets:

    2.RL.2.4  Make predictions about the content of text using prior knowledge of text features, explaining whether or not they were confirmed and why.

    2.RV.1  Use words, phrases, and strategies acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to literature and nonfiction texts to build and apply vocabulary.


    Listen to me read today’s story:


    Read aloud Dog vs. Cat

    Dog vs. Cat Exit Ticket


    Learning Targets:

    2.W.6.2c Demonstrate command of English grammar and usage, focusing on correctly spelling common irregularly-spelled, grade-appropriate high-frequency words.




    Spelling sentences



    2.M.4:  I can Estimate and measure volume (capacity) using cups and pints.


    Lesson 21B video 


    Math Worksheet pp. 249-250

    Please complete ALL specials today - Music, P.E., and Art.