Agenda for 3/31/20

  • If you work with Mrs. Schwark for Math and/or Reading you can go to her page for your work.  If you are a student who receives speech services, this is the link for your activities and contact information for your teacher.  


    Good morning! Today will be a review day.  There are no instructional videos. If you have any questions, please contact me by email at, Google Classroom, or Google Doc. 


     English/Language Arts

    I can...write my own broadside.

    1. Continue working on your personal broadside that you have created.  Please make sure that this doc is shared with me.

    2. Here are the characteristics of broadsides.  You can also visit Google Classroom to view resources from the module.

    3. Complete this Google Form.

     Work to be turned in: 

    • Personal Broadside Doc
    • Google Form

    (45-60 minutes)



    I can...collect and represent data. 

     Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Complete pages 339-340 in your Lesson 27C Practice and Problem Solving packet.

    2. Complete this Google Form.

     Work to be turned in:

    • Pages 339-340
    • Google Form

    (30-45 minutes)


     We have Gym and Music today!

     ART (Thursday)

    MUSIC (Tuesday and Friday)

    Gym (Tuesday and Friday) - This link will take you to Marsh Elementary's webpage, that is OKAY!