eLearning Day 3/20/20



    eLearning Friday, March 20, 2020

    Happy Friday!   Congratulations on getting through our first week of eLearning.  I hope you have found doing the eLearning assignments on Google Forms easier to complete.


    Today’s assignment is for you to do 45 minutes of iReady Reading AND 45 minutes of iReady Math.  

    Here are the steps for logging into iReady from your computer:

    1.  Go to the Michigan City Area Schools web page.
    2.  Go to “Learning Place”.
    3.  Go to “Clever”.
    4.  Click on the iReady icon.
    5.  Log into your account.  (This login is usually your first initial and last name.  Your password is “dog”.)
    6.  Complete 45 minutes of Reading and 45 minutes of Math.  I’ll be looking to see how many minutes you have done and how many lessons you have passed.


    Here are directions for logging into iReady from an Android phone:  iReady on an Android Phone


    We do not have any specials today.


    Remember to contact me on Class Dojo or via email if I can help with anything.  Governor Holcomb has extended the date we can go back to school. We will now not be back before May 1st.


    I miss you all!  Stay healthy and get your work done! 


    Mrs. Gesse ;)